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Proudly  handmade and molded in Spain by Seon, who has spent years in research and development to get the performance of these bushings to replicate those you would find on a skateboard. The commitment to using and designing the right formula has been a passionate project to reach high levels of excellence .

These are SOFT, the urethane durometer maintains the tightness without losing that softness and awesome rebound.

These Dynamic truck version bushings have been measured to be perfectly mounted to the trucks for a perfect fit. These are compatible with Dynamic trucks , china dtzero, Vortex V2 and Vortex V3's (using the inverted kingpin option) 

it is recommended to use the washers included in the top bushing to apply the pressure equally.

Each set includes

pro bushings (2 conics and 2 mini barrels) mini decal 

colours may vary 

CHOKING HAZARD: contains small items, not suitable for children under 10 years

Customer Reviews

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South soft are some of my favourite bushing to shred, impeccable bouncy response

D’Javon Maza
South soft bushings

The best on the market, hands down my favourite

Get them

Hands down the best bushing out there, perfect balance of softness and responsive

Tony Phavannorath

they are great bushings, very soft and i love it!


Do yourself a favor and buy them!

These are by far my favorite bushings. Not only are they molded to fit perfectly, they come in a variety of sizes and different hardnesses. Just like REAL bushings.

The best part? They’ll give you that soft bend and still be 100% responsive. That means no more crooked trucks.

Amazing craftsmanship and years of development, and it shows.

What are you waiting for?! Don’t let them sell out!