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Ducky Tape too grippy for you? Fingers getting stuck mid flick? Get better control with the all new Frosted Ducky Tape. Its the new worn in version of the classic clear tape.

It is designed to be slightly less grippy and feel closer to foam tape for those who want more control over their flicks. Its slightly smoother than the original, yet insanely grippy without sacrificing clarity

 It is made of a rubber material, similar in performance to worn in foam tape. 

It comes equipped with a strong 3M adhesive backing that is completely transparent

An innovative tape that allows your to really enjoy the look of that top ply on your deck whilst still giving you a comfortable grip to master your tricks.


Ducky tape is only 0.2mm thick

dimensions are 38mm x 108mm wide enough and long enough to be able to cover all size decks.

Includes 3 sheets in each pack, stickers and application instructions


Please read instructions carefully for successful application


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Ducky tape. 2mm

Must have tape for decks that are to nice to be covered with regular black grip tape.